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We offer healthy, eco-friendly, holistic and organic pet care products. Whether you’re looking for raw, freeze dried, free range, grain free or limited ingredient allergy formula-we have it.

Food. Treats. Collars & leashes, toys, kennels, bedding, vitamins, first-aid, shampoos, conditioners, pick up bags, flea & tick guard, grooming supplies, dental supplies, sweaters and more

Food, treats, toys, litter, litter boxes, leashes & collars, hair ball remedy, grooming supplies, beds, cat trees and more

Small Animal
Food, bedding, treats, feeders, houses and more

Seed (wild and domestic), feeders, toys, treats and more

Food, crickets & mealworms, terrariums, bedding, heat lamps, heat rocks and more

Gold fish, beta fish, aquariums, tank supplies,  and more

Premium foods

Avoderm, California Natural, Chicken Soup, Canidae, Evanger’s, Evo, Eukanuba, holistic Select, Health Wise, Instinct, Innova, Instinct (Raw), Karma, Merrick, Natural Balance, Natural Choice (Nutro), Nutro Ultra, Orijen, Prairie, Royal Canin, Science Diet, Solid Gold, Stella & Chewy’s (Raw),  Taste of the Wild, Tripet, Welness, Wilderness blend, Ziwi Peak

Best Feline Friend, Before Grain (Merrick), Chicken Soup, California Natural, Eukanuba, Evo, Fussie Cat, Halo, Innova, Merrick, Natural Balance, Orijen, Organix, Prairie, Royal Canin, Science Diet, Solid Gold, Tiki Cat, Wellness, Weruva